An informal gala F.A.A.C. 1996 year-end dinner and party is planned, as follows:


Saturday, January 25, 1997

Reception starts 6:30 PM
Buffet Dinner at 7:30 PM


Particulars: There is no bar; however, it is permissible to bring any beverage/s of your choice (coffee, tea, and soft drinks are provided). After the dinner there will be presentations, door prizes, surprises, and gab. Bring your favorite 1996 observing stories. They must be true. Stories of bear and Bigfoot attacks, alien abductions, and sightings of the Horsehead Nebula through binoculars will be subject to criticism.

Directions: Take M-14 to the Sheldon Rd. exit. Go north a couple of blocks to Helm Street, which runs west from Sheldon Rd.. Papa Romano's is located at 45355 Helm St..

Party Attendance: Please advise your attendance and get your money to any of the following people as soon as possible, but no later than Tuesday, January 21st; or bring your money to the FAAC General Membership Meeting on Thursday, January 23rd.

Bob MacFarland(313-337-9754)
Patti Forton(313-845-1740)
Harry Kindt(313-835-1831)
Kevan Granat(313-248-7628)
George Korody(810-349-1930)