Star Party

SouthEastern Michigan Astronomy Clubs
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Comet Hale-Bopp / Star Party - April 25 and 26, 1997

Sponsored by the Eastern Michigan Astronomy Clubs

  • Warren Astronomical Society
  • Ford Amateur Astronomy Club
  • Eastern Michigan University Astronomy Club
  • University Lowbrow Astronomers
  • Oakland Astronomy Club
  • Sunset Astronomical Society
  • Detroit Astronomical Society
See comet Hale-Bopp through our telescopes and binoculars. Bring your cameras, bring your binoculars , Bring Your FAMILY !!!
  • Slide Presentation
  • Comet making Demonstration!
  • CCD digital Imaging
  • Walk through Astronomy Displays
  • Telescope Displays
  • Food and Beverages

Kensington Metro Park I-96 at the Kent Lake Road exit.

Observing site at Martindale Beech

Phone 1-800 477-3178

Vehicle permit required $3.00/Friday, $4.00/Saturday

Planning Meeting Notes:

Amateur Astronomers

Amateurs are asked to arrive between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Courtesy vehicle entry tickets have been provided to each club representative for all of the amateur attendees in his/her respective club. These tickets should be traded at the gate for a daily park vehicle permit. One ticket is necessary for each night. All amateurs should identify themselves so that they can be directed to the north parking lot. A shuttle service will be provided by the park rangers to transport your equipment from your vehicle to the observing area from 5:00 to 8:00.

An estimated 50 - 60 amateur astronomers will participate in the outing each night. Observing sites will be available on a first come/first serve basis. Power for some 20 telescopes will be made available. Amateurs may stay as late as 2:00 AM. However, the ranger shuttle return service will end at 12:30 AM. Afterwards, your equipment will have to be hand carried to your vehicle.

Ongoing Presentations:

The Huron - Clinton Mertopark authority will have their 40' Mobile training trailer setup for a continuous showing of a comet video. Each club has been scheduled to give a 20 minute presentation each night according to the attached schedule. The subject matter should be presented at a beginners level. The presentation area will seat approximately 60 visitors. It is expected that the attendees will rotate in and out after each presentation.

Rainout/Cloudout Contingiency Plan:

This is Michigan. And we have all had our disappointments with the weather when planning these events. However, the Martindale beachhouse covered pavilion area is large enough such that we can continue with our presentation plans, show off a variety of telescopes, display vendor wares and handout club literature. Each club is asked to setup a couple samples of their scopes for this purpose in such an event. Please see the tentative list below.

Club Display Tables:

One 6 foot table and two chairs will be provided for each club for displays or literature handouts. It is not necessary that the table be staffed all evening. However, since the beach area can become breezy at times the park suggests that substantial paperweights be used on any stack of literature. You are also asked to provide your own lantern as the club table area will not be lighted. These tables will be moved under the shelter of the pavilion in the event of foul weather.

Vendor Display Opportunity:

Commercial vendors including Rider?s Hobbies, The Nature Company and University optics will be on hand to display their wares and hand out literature. However, due to Huron-Clinton Metropark restrictions, sales transactions are not allowed. One 3' x 6' table and two chairs will be provided for each vendor. Vendors are asked to provide their own lantern as the vendor area will not be lighted. These tables will be moved under the shelter of the pavilion in the event of foul weather. The same shuttle opportunities available to the amateurs are available to the vendors as well.


A limited offering of food and beverages will be made available by Elias Brothers Restaurants who have a concession franchise with the park.

Schedule of Events for Both Nights:

5:00-8:00 PM Astronomers/Vendors Arrival
6:00 Public Arrival
6:00-10:00 Comet Hyakatake Video - Courtesy of the Detroit Astronomical Society
(In the Mobile Training Trailer)
7:00 Meteorites - Oakland Astronomy Club
7:30 Cometmaking - Kensington Nature Center
8:00 Light Pollution - Eastern Michigan University
8:30 Astronomy 101 - Ford Amateur Astronomy Club
9:00 Astronomy Discussion - University Lowbrow Astronomers
9:30 Astronomy Discussion - Gennesses Astronomical Society
10:00 Astronomy Discussion - Warren Astronomical Society
10:30 Astronomy Discussion - Detroit Astronomical Society
11:00 Astronomy Discussion - Sunset Astronomical Society
12:00 AM Public Closing
12:30 AM Amateur/Vendor Shuttle Ends
2:00 AM Amateur Obseving Ends

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