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Membership to the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club is open to both Ford and Non-Ford Motor Company employees. The general public is also welcome to join. The dues structure is as follows:

New Member Annual Individual/Family

If you join the club after June 30th the fee is $15.
Membership benefits include an on-line subscription to the Star Stuff newsletter, discounts on subscriptions to Astronomy and/or Sky & Telescope magazine(s), after hours use of the observing site at Island Lake Recreational Area and discounts at selected area astronomical equipment retailers.

  • Come along to one of our general meetings and join at the meeting.
  • You can apply by printing out the paper application form that can be downloaded and send it to the club Treasurer along with your $30 check. 
  • Alternatively you can complete the online application form below and just send your check to the club ensuring that the PAY to the Order is to “Ford Amateur Astronomy Club” and the envelope is addressed to the Treasurer.