Dennis Salliotte Winner Sirius Award 2017

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 Dennis_Salliotte_Sirius Award 2017

Dennis has been a member of the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club for 19 years (having joined in 1998).

During this time, he has volunteered his time and expertise for numerous club functions and events.

Listed among these are:

  • Participation at nearly all board meetings.
  • Participation on numerous committees.
  • Very active in club outreach and Beginner Nights
  • A very dedicated planetarium presenter at Henry Ford College
  • One of the first people to turn up to help out no matter what the event.
  • Has managed the club equipment and equipment loan program.

IN RECOGNITION of his contributions to the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club, it is my honor and pleasure to present the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club’s 2017 Sirius Award to Mr. Dennis Salliotte.

Congratulations, Dennis, and thank you for your continued service!